QWFC certify a number of dairy farms in Wales.  QWFC assessors conduct these assessments against the industry developed  Red Tractor Assurance for Farms Dairy Scheme, which is a requirement of many milk and dairy processors and retailers.

QWFC can combine both dairy scheme assessments with the Farm Assured Welsh Livestock (FAWL) Beef & Lamb scheme for its members in Wales which ensures assessments are completed efficiently.

A summary of what the Dairy Scheme covers in its standards are as follows:-

  • Milk Production & Storage
  • Traceability & Integrity
  • Animal Health & Welfare
  • Feed & Water
  • Housing Shelter & Handling Facilities
  • Animal Medicines & Bio-security
  • Calf Rearing
  • Casualty & Fallen Stock
  • Livestock Transport
  • Environmental Protection & Contamination Control
  • Staff & Contractors
  • Documents & Procedures
  • Vermin Control

For further details regarding the scheme and its associated standards click here.