Farm Assurance Inspections Update in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak

Given the unprecedented and exceptional circumstances and based on latest government advice and recommendations WLBP firmly believes that every effort should be made to safeguard the health, wellbeing and safety of our WLBP farm assured members, our assessors and staff. WLBP has therefore decided that physical on-farm assessments will be deferred on a rolling basis for a period of 3 months commencing from 5.00pm on Thursday March 19th 2020.

The Farm Assurance schemes will continue to operate during this deferral period and members’ assured status will continue to be certified on the existing terms of members scheme participation. This action is line with guidelines published by the United Kingdom Accreditation Scheme (UKAS) for the delivery and management of extraordinary events and circumstances.

We are exploring options for various forms of remote assessments to be delivered on a risk basis approach. More details will be communicated to our members as and when such arrangements can be introduced.

The Welsh red meat, dairy and organic industry’s are of critical importance to the Welsh rural economy and this current COVID-19 outbreak highlights the absolute importance of the domestic food supply chain and the significant effort of farmers and food producers to keep the nation fed at these very difficult times.

WLBP has over 7,500 active scheme members who, are despite their own risks, working hard to maintain those important food supply chains. WLBP and its staff will do all it can to support the industry in this effort whilst minimising the spread of infection by not exposing individuals to any unnecessary risks through face to face farm assessments.

March 19 2020